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Terms and conditions of hotels booking

You can book hotel without credit card in the section Online booking.
How to pay a reservation, read below in the section Cost and payment


General provisions

  • The online hotel booking system, represented on our website allows you to search and book hotels by yourself at real time with the following payment of the booked room by the bank transfer, credit card or in the office of the company Atlas Tour Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Operator.
  • Booking the hotel on this web site, you enter into a direct contractual relations directly with the hotel, the Operator acts in this case as the executor, ensuring the transfer of your personal data to the hotel and timely payment of the reservation, and for you - confirmation of the hotel.
  • All information represented on this web site, based on data provided by hotels, responsible for the accuracy of the displayed information.
  • By booking the hotel and making payment, you agree with these rules and conditions of hotel booking and also with the rules of the hotel, which provides direct service in that form, in which it's carried out at the time of booking.
  • To book a hotel and make payment can only legally capable person who reached the age of 18.

The order of booking the hotels

  • This online hotel booking system is international, that's why the part of information that accompanies the reservation, is available in English.
  • Reservation of rooms in the hotel takes place at the time of booking. After completing of your reservation, information about reserved room will be automatically sent to your e-mail, specified during the booking process. You will receive a voucher at the same address, after receiving confirmation of payment by the Operator.
  • Reservation is still valid for 72 hours after its implementation. If within this period no payment will be made, booking will be automatically canceled.
  • This online hotel booking system allows to book rooms only on that dates, on which, according to the rules of the hotel penalties did not take effect in case of cancelation of your booking.
  • Reserved rooms, booked on the same or near standing date, with the same names and last names of living people can be automatically cancelled by the hotel as duplicates, regardless of whether payment has been made or not. Therefore, if for some reason you have several identical bookings made ​​at the various agencies or web pages, you need to cancel the duplicate or inform the Operator.
  • Reservation of rooms in the online booking system provided on this web site do not imply an automatic visa support by the Operator. So before you start booking, please, consult the Visa Section of the Operator on the need and procedure for obtaining a visa to the country of destination.

Amending and cancellation

  • Booking of the hotel can be cancelled without any additional charges until you haven't made a payment and the room hasn't been sold yet. By selling the room is implied by receiving the payment on the account of the Operator.
  • If a cancellation is necessary to make after the fact of the sale of the room, it is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the hotel.
  • You can change the reservation only by canceling the existing booking and creating a new one if it is available at the hotel. Please note that the Operator does not guarantee that canceled room will be available for new booking.
  • All changes and cancelations of the booked or paid room can be done only at the office of the Operator during office hours, Monday - Friday from 9.00 am till 7.00 pm. In case, if you want to make any changes or cancelations of the ticket, you have to inform the Operator by phone/fax: +38 044 456 78 15 or by email . In case, If you change or cancel reservations contacting the hotel directly, the Operator can not provide you with information about possible inconsistencies connected to the changes, as well as to guarantee a refund.

Cost and payment

  • To pay for the booked hotel you can in such ways:
    • Contact the office of the Operator during office hours Monday - Friday from 9.00 am till 7.00 pm.
    • By bank transfer at any bank as a private person or as a legal entity by company's account. With this method of payment you should consider that the cash inflow on the account of the Operator will take some time. To avoid misunderstandings related to the inter-bank cash flow, you should inform the Operator about payments by phone/fax: +38 044 456 78 15 or by email at office hours Monday - Friday from 9.00 am till 7.00 pm.
    • By credit card at the Operator's office; for payment are acceptable such cards VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express. With this method of payment compensation costs for conducting banking transfers are added to the cost of the room.
    • By credit card online though payment gateway Portmone; we accept VISA and MASTERCARD. No additional fee will be charged with this method of payment
  • Under the payment is implied by receiving the funds on the account of the Operator.
  • The bank services on fund transfers are your expenses.
  • By the refund, in case of cancellation of the paid room (if such possible), you have to pay penalty cost for the cancellation, if it is foreseen by the hotel policy, according to the rules and conditions of the hotel.
  • Refunds for the cancelled reservation are carried out only through the Operator office and will be made in the same way as the hotel was paid.

Responsibilities and obligations

  • Accepting these rules and conditions of the booking hotels, you are responsible:
    • For the correctness and accuracy of the provided information;
    • For the actuality of the specified email address, because on it you'll receive the information about your booked room and voucher;
    • for any changes you have initiated in the paid reservation, which entail additional charges;
    • for availability of all necessary travel documents for all people, and exactly valid passports, visas (include transit), letters of attorney and other documents for traveling children and also medical insurance policy;
    • for the arrival on time to the hotel; in case of your unsettlement to the hotel (no show) or settlement days later, the funds for the unlived nights in the hotel will not be returned;
  • Accepting these rules and conditions of the reservation, you agree to:
    • at the request of the Operator provide additional information about all people, for whom the reservation was made, including date of birth, passport number, address, nationality and so on;
    • before paying for the hotel room, read fare rules, in particular the sections containing information about the possibility of changing or canceling a reservation;
    • to pay for the booked room within 72 hours to avoid cancellation;
    • inform the Operator on time about payment to avoid cancellation of the reservation because of the delay of income funds on the account of the Operator;
    • make on time all additional payments due initiated by you changes or cancelations of the paid reservation;
    • save the voucher until the arrival at the hotel and show it at registration;
    • on arrival to the hotel pay additional and local taxes and fees, if there any of them;
    • obey the rules of stay at the hotel, in particular, the rules of public order, the dress code, as well as check-in time and the time of check-out;
    • if you would like to move in the room before check-in, or stay at the room after the time of check-out, pay the additional costs;
  • The Operator isn't responsible:
    • for the consequences occurred in case of your refusal to provide additional information requested about people, for whom a reservation was made, to it;
    • for the cancelling of the booked room at the hotel in case of non-payment at the indicated period;
    • for the occurrence of the additional costs connected with initiated by you changes or cancelations of the paid reservation;
    • for the cancellation by hotel of booked or paid room with existence of several identical reservations, exactly the coincidence of name, dates and itinerary;
    • for failure to provide hotel accommodation in case of loss or non presentation the voucher;
    • for failure to provide paid rooms by the hotel because of lack of places in the resale;
    • for failure to provide the hotel room in case of early check-in or late check-out, if it was not stated when booking;
    • for the demand of the hotel to block security deposit on your credit card or produce it in any other form during their stay at the hotel;
    • for defects in the work of the hotel, defective service, lack of certain services and amenities, hotel description discrepancy reality, default of the hotel conditions of reservation and rules of the tariff, or for any damages directly or indirectly caused to you as a result of these actions by the hotel;
    • for the incorrect using of your credit card and also for payments made by third parties in case of their theft or loss;
    • for lack of knowledge or non-compliance by you the requirements of the country via visa and passport regulations, and also for losses connected with the refusal of consulate in issuing of a visa or refusal of registers' immigration in entrance of the country;
    • for the losses occurred as a result of force majeure (unforeseeable, non controlled things and events, natural disasters, military events and the like).

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