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Bonus programme Qbiz

«Atlas Tour» invites you to take part in the Qbiz programme developed by Qatar Airways. This is a rewarding programme of regular corporate clients, focused on small- and medium-sized business. Qbiz allows to minimize firms expenses for employees' trips. When your employees travel with Qatar Airways, your company earns special bonus miles Qmiles, that can be used for:

  • Purchase free tickets
  • Increase the service class
  • Pay luggage excess

 Qbiz members:

  • Qatar Airways
Programme benefits:
  • Free programme participation
  • Award miles can be used for private and corporate trips
  • The program may apply for an unlimited number of employees
Travel managers, executives and employees, often traveling on official business have the right to expect the most careful attention on the Qatar Airways side.

For more information how the Qatar Airways can promote your business, ask our managers for assistance. Our managers undertake responsibilities on registration of Your Company in the QBiz programme, bonus balance conducting, free tickets booking and all aspects regarding Your trips.













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