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Three myths about travel agencies

Buying airline tickets directly in airlines, we save money
By no means always. We should not forget that there are special prices, offered by airlines only through agencies. It is due to the fact that it is for the airlines advantage to sell their tickets through third parties, so that they would not have to contain large offices on customer service. In fact an airline gets its profit not from the sale of tickets, but from carrying passengers. In addition, an airline ticket does not have the fixed price, as, for example, theatre ticket. So, competent air reservation agent knows perfectly how to extract a ticket reducing substantially its price.
Reserving hotels through a tourist agency, we overpay

It is also not correct. As a rule, hotel reservation systems are set in modern agencies, where lowest prices are offered primarily. Therefore hotels are interested to be in the first lines of the list, publishing maximally low prices

in the system. Thus, by selling a hotel to a tourist, the agency gets its reward not from a client, but from a hotel, even in case You prefer to pay directly in a hotel at actual.


My secretary will reserve everything and will do it better

The most widespread error. Even if Your secretary is brilliant «and knows everything», we have no doubts she is, she is not aware of all actual information about actions and today’s special offers. In order to make Your journey comfortable and optimal on Your budget, she will have to spend

lots of time in monitoring of great number of airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, etc. One should always remember, time – is money, and it is no use to spend it on teaching Your secretary of work of a tourist agency manager!


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