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Incentive tours

Incentive tours – the most effective way of encouragement of Your employees, distributors, dealers, clients and partners. As practice shows, financial encouragement is quickly forgotten, and at times even is perceived as something self-evident. And the original trip filled with bright impressions, can become an excellent motivator to the best work.

Incentiv tourism is also powerful tool for unity of staff of Your company and labor productivity increase. Joint rest in a combination with seminars, conferences, profile discussions or trainings adjusting of communications between departments, to forming of corporate ethics, creation of the favorable atmosphere in collective, that plays in favor to development and prosperity of Your business.

Besides, incentive trips positively affect on the image of Your company, strengthening status of successful and progressive business in the eyes of Your partners.

Main objectives of incentive tourism can be formulated as:

  • increase of motivation and quality of work of Your employees

  • formation of joined team

  • presentation and advance of commodities or services

  • growth of knowableness of Your company 

  • creation of dealer network

  • expansion of circle of clients 

  • strengthening of business relationships and increase of loyalty of Your partners


Experts of «Atlas Tour» are ready to develop personally for Your company corporate action worldwide, offering on Your choice a wide range of incentiv programmes:


  • Thematic programmes based on popular games, books and films

  • Fancy-dress actions in palaces and fortresses

  • Meetings with celebrities

  • Gastronomic and wine tours

  • Safari in the exotic countries

  • Cruises by motor ships and ocean liners

  • Rafting on the mountain rivers

  • Hiking and fishing

  • Extreme tours such as parajumping or rise to Kilimanjaro

  • Flights by balloons and helicopters

  • Command sporting events

  • Rally on cars from retro to racing

  • Races on ATVs, water bikes, motor boats

Our experience and individual approach to development of any action, regardless of scale and complexity, will make Your corporate rest the most comfortable and effective for Your business.


Here You can find our collection of incentive programmes.



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