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Incentive - Bright weekend

Corporate tour to Kherson

In two days you will have time to visit the old chateau for wine tasting, get acquainted with the beauty of the Dnipro floods and visit the most mysterious excursion.

1st day - Saturday

09:00 Meeting at the station, accommodation in the hotel.

10:00 Transfer to the Winery of Prince Trubetskoy.

11:00 Stop for 20 minutes in the village of Burgunka, visit the arch bridge of the 18th century, built to ensure the visit of Catherine II to the Crimea.

12:00 Stop for 30 min in Beryslav. A short excursion to the St. Vvedenska wooden church of the 18th century. In 1784 this church has been rafted by the Cossacks along the Dnipro from the Poltava region to Berislav.

12:30 Tour of the Swedish settlement Zmiivka. The modern history of the village dates back to 1782, when the Kherson steppes were inhabited by the first Swedish settlers from the island of Dago. The settlement is rightly called a small Europe in the South of Ukraine, and it really is considered the center of national and cultural diversity and spiritual unity. Representatives of 15 nationalities live here in peace and harmony, including Swedes and Finns, Ukrainians and Germans, Poles, Jews and Moldovans.

14:00 Lunch.

15:00 Excursion to the Chateau of Prince Trubetskoy with tasting of 6 types of wine. The excursion will acquaint you not only with the history of the birth of the winemaking economy, but you will have the opportunity to stroll through the vineyards, from which a wonderful panorama of the Dnipro opens. Also, you will learn how the wine material is processed and maintained, and as a result it turns into an elegant drink.

17:00 Visiting the castle of Prince Trubetskoy.

17:30 Departure to Kherson.

18:00 Return to Kherson. Dinner. Free time.

2nd day - Sunday

06:00 Kayaking along the unique Dnipro floods.

10:00 Return to the hotel, breakfast, free time, check-out from the hotel (things leave in the hotel).

11:00 Intriguing excursion around the city the Kherson de Mason. This is a route that reveals secrets that go back to the 18th century ... Who ruled Kherson and who stopped French expansion, what are the names of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Jeanne de Lamot Valois, admiral Jose Pasqual Dominique de Ribas and many others mean for the city, you can learn from the fascinating and informative story, confirmed by the inspection of factual evidence.

14:00 Lunch.

17:00 Free time.

17:30 Transfer to the station.

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