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Incentive Tour - Two Elements

Corporate tour to Kherson

We invite you to a busy two-day tour with a visit to the largest island in Ukraine - Dzharylhach and the present desert - the Oleshkivski Sands Nature reserve. A fascinating journey will discover Ukraine, unite the collective and give unforgettable emotions.


The tour dates from May to October.


1st day - Saturday

07:00 Meeting in the Kherson.

07:15 Departure to the Dzharylhach island. Excursion around the Kherson region.

09:00 Arrival in Skadovsk, transfer to the Dzharylhach island. This is the largest island in Ukraine by area and the second in length. Its area is 62 sq. km, length - 42 km. Most of the territory is a flat steppe, only in the widest part of the island there are olives, thickets of cattails and reeds, as well as some other types of trees and shrubs. Known is this uninhabited island with its curative mud and salty lakes, endemic animals and pristine beaches.

Endless beaches, hundreds of small lakes, sand dunes and bogs in the composition with rare plants and wild animals create a harmonious picture and truly give a sense of unity with nature. A trip to the island of Dzharylhach is an excellent opportunity to walk along ecological and cognitive paths.

09:30 Breakfast on the island (in a cafe or lunch box).

10:00 Free time for exploring nature and swimming in the sea.

11:00 Excursion around the island, moving to the open sea.

13:00 Free time.

15:00 Transfer to the Gulf. Dinner. Local cuisine.


16:00 Free time for relaxing near the sea.

18:00 Return to Kherson. Accommodation in a hotel in the center of Kherson. Dinner. Free time.


2nd day - Sunday

09:00 Check-out from the hotel. Moving to the desert.

10:00 Arrival to the Oleshkivski Sands National Reserve. The representative of the national park conducts an exciting excursion about the origin of the desert, its features and amazing facts. Oleshkivski sands - this is the largest sand massif on the map of Ukraine and the second largest desert in Europe. A huge territory, often called the Ukrainian Sahara, with sand dunes and barkhans reaching a 5-meter height and moving under the force of winds, stretches 30 km east of Kherson.

12:00 Free time. Be sure to take cameras!

13:00 Transfer to the restaurant. Lunch at an authentic restaurant.

15:00 Return to Kherson. Free time.

17:00 Transfer to the station. Departure.

The programme price is calculated individually. For detailed information on issues related to the organization of incentive tour, you can call
+38 (044) 456 78 15.
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