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Travel gift certificates from Atlas Tour

Wonder what’s the best way to congratulate your employees, clients, partners or newlyweds, friends and relatives?


Travel gift certificate provides an excellent solution of this problem! You decide on denomination for any amount you wish, and the holder of certificate will decide when and how to use it.


By presenting a travel certificate you and the holder will receive a number of advantages:

  • You are presenting something that nobody will ever take away – unforgettable impressions from the trip. For money given as a gift is often spent on ‘more important’ material needs, not on vacation or a trip.
  • An original personalized certificate card always looks more respectable than money in the envelope. And sometimes, giving money as a gift may be simply inappropriate.
  • You decide on the price of gift yourself.
  • You choose how to pay for it – in cash, by credit card or bank transfer.
  • The certificate is valid for one year, which enables the holder to plan his itinerary in advance on the most advantageous terms.
  • The certificate holder may purchase one or several tours for himself or his close ones by paying the difference if the cost of trip exceeds the certificate’s denomination.
  • If the certificate’s denomination exceeds the cost of trip, the balance may be used several times for the duration of certificate’s validity to purchase or partially pay for other travel services.
  • All existing promotions and special offers apply to tours, airline tickets and other travel services paid for with the gift certificate.

For many companies, travel gift certificates provide an excellent instrument of encouraging and motivating their employees. Cash bonuses are quickly forgotten and sometimes even taken for granted, whereas an original trip may give an excellent impetus for good performance at work.


To buy travel gift certificates, please call our office at: +38 (044) 456 78 15


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