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Incentive tour - Mystical Nepal: meetings and practices with Masters on Places of Power and workshop with Buddhist lama of the Tibetan Meditation Basics

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Corporate tour to Nepal

1st day

Arrival in Kathmandu. Meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel. Leisure time. Information meeting with guide Eugene Snezhkin on which will be given information about how to behave in a friendly country Nepal, the principles of meditation and art of hearing space and comprehend the essence of the places of Power, which we will visit.

2nd day

This day we will go to the heart of Kathmandu - Buddnath area, which is called the Mecca of Tibetan Buddhism. Here we will see the Great White Stupa built by Legend in the days of Guru Padmasambhava (8th century BC) by Tibetan king Trisong Detsen. Every evening there are lit thousands oil lamps and hundreds of monks bypass the stupa, reciting the sacred mantra.

We will start with the introduction of Tibetan Buddhism. In Buddnathe we visit monasteries of four main traditions of Tibetan Buddhism - Nigmapa, Kagyupa, Gelugpa and Sakyapa. Here we plan to meet with one of the highest Tibetan lamas. This is abbot of "Dudjom" monastery - Lopon Namger Odzhen Tenzin. He is realized Yogi from Bhutan, experience and knowledge of which - a real treasure for anyone interested in the inner exploration and self-understanding. He can also create a personal horoscope and provide transfer to the base practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

In the evening you will have the opportunity to attend the Pujah - ceremonies in the Buddhist monasteries, where we get in touch with the beauty and depth of Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Presence at such ceremonies leaves a lasting impression that will forever remain with you.

3rd day

On this day we will visit the research center of Shamanism and Tantra. Meet the founder of the center - Mohan Rai. We will get acquainted with the Himalayan Shamans and the Tantrics. We will take part in a shamanistic ritual of purification, after which everyone will be able to ask Shaman questions and get individual consultation.

On the way back visit one of the old capitals of the Kathmandu - Patan (Lalitpur). The place where is the Royal Palace, the Temple of Kumbeshvar - five-story pagoda, dedicated to Shiva, King Ashoka's stupa and many other attractions. Patan is a central location for the production of bronze and famous Tibetan "singing bowls." Here with one of the recognized master craftsmen we will be able to buy yourself or someone you know such a wonderful gift as a "singing bowl"! Return to Kathmandu.

4th day

Early in the morning we will go to one of the most beautiful places on Earth - Pokhara. Along the way we will visit the shrine of Hindu culture in Nepal - Temple Manukamana. Pokhara - the second largest city in Nepal, which glorified the legendary Beatles, visiting him in the 60s of the last century. The small town is located in a fabulous location on the shore of a mountain lake Phewa where boating, you have amazing views of the Great Himalayan Range with vertices - Daulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu. We accommodate in a comfortable hotel, a bit rest and head to Phewa Lake in whose heart islocated a sacred Hindu temple dedicated to Varaha, one of the incarnations of Vishnu. Here we can get a blessing from a local monk.

In the evening we will enjoy the sunset in the Himalayas - it's really impressive when the sun touches the snowy peaks, saying goodbye to them until the next day.

5th and 6th day

These two days will be devoted to the contemplation of Pokhara local attractions and recreational activities. We will visit the Buddhist shrine - Peace Stupa, which offers a splendid view of the Pokhara, Phewa Lake and the majestic Himalayas, will go to Sarangkot, where we meet the sun rising out of the sacred mountain of Machu Puchre, visit the International Museum of mountains, visit the sacred cave Shiva and will see the famous waterfall Devi. Also we will meet reputable doctor of Tibetan traditional medicine, after which members of the group will be able to buy drugs from the doctor on the basis of plants, the recipe of which is transmitted for centuries.

For all participants traveling a real gift will be a meeting, communication and joint practice with the Tibetan Yogi, who for more than 40 years of his life spent in the Himalayan caves, practicing secret methods of Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

In addition to all the beauty, the leaders of travel Lama Punchok and Eugene Snezhkin will hold meditation classes for the harmonization of internal and external space in your life, at all levels. Eugene will reveal the secrets and principles of the practice of relaxation and work with attention, you will be able to successfully practice and during the trip and return home. Lama Punchok among of amazing Nature Pokhara begins to instruct on the "Fundamentals of Tibetan Meditation."

7th and 8th day

Moving to another unique place of Nepal - Lumbini. This city is famous for the fact that here in the 6th century BC was born Siddhartha Gautama, known to the world as the Buddha Sakyamuni. According to legend, here in 700 BC on the day of the May full moon on the lake under the shade of a large tree the queen Maya gave birth to a son Siddhartha, whose name translates as "to fulfill his destiny." The appearance of the boy was accompanied by a variety of signs and to interpret them in Lumbini gathered one hundred eight sages. They announced that Siddhartha would be a great leader, a teacher, what has not happened in the world. Prince over the years has reached full enlightenment and became the first Buddha, the founder of a new religion.

In the Lumbini, first of all we will visit three bright religious-historical sites of Nepal: the temple of Maya Devi (mother of Sakyamuni Buddha) with a "memorial stones" and a bas-relief with a scene of the birth of Buddha; Ashoka pillar (the legendary Emperor, glorified Buddhism) and the remains of a temple near it; sacred ancient pond Pushkarini with old Bodhi tree located nearby.

The apotheosis of our visit Lumbini becomes ritual-meditation, which will hold Punchok Lama with our group for the cultivation of wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings!

And, of course, we are expected to Meditation on the territory of this wonderful place, in monasteries and temples, where in the presence of monks, we find ourselves in an atmosphere of pure presence and unity with the harmony of the world.

9th day

On this day, we will make the flight to Kathmandu and go to another memorable place of the Kathmandu - Bhaktapur city. This is one of the three ancient capitals of Nepal. Ancient temples, narrow streets, the reigning atmosphere of mystery and antiquity make it a memorable one from the point of view of internal experiences.

In a 20-minute drive from Bhaktapur is one more Place of Power - Nagarkot. In Nagarkot we contemplate the Himalayan peaks, and after seeing the sun, stay the night in a beautiful hotel, with a wonderful view of the Himalayan range, in the distance we can see the highest mountain in the world - the Grand Everest (8,848 m).

Here we will continue to evening classes for relaxation practices and harmonization of body, senses and consciousness, and will talk on interesting topics about the art of Life in the Spirit, without losing the social realization.

10th day

Early in the morning we will meet Sun rising behind the Himalayan peaks. And then we will go to the Kathmandu Valley to visit some amazing places, such as the great stupa in Swayambhunath. There are wonderful views of the Kathmandu Valley. Also here you will see a lot of monkeys that are naturally revered as sacred animals, eagles soaring in the sky, Buddhist pilgrims, reading mantras and rotating prayer wheels with the mantra.

Then we will go to the center of Osho Rajneesh - one of the most famous mystics of the past century. It is believed that at this place 16 centuries ago attained enlightenment the famous Buddhist mystic and mentor Nagarjuna. Now here is the Samadhi Osho - where, for 22 years in the community live and meditate every day hundreds of people from different countries. The municipality was founded in 1990 by a close disciple of Osho - Swami Anand Arun.

In the end of the day we will visit another Hindu Shrine Nepal - Pashupatinath. The place where the holy river Bagmati flows and where conduct sacred rite of cremation. There is also a very strong Saiva temple, and we will witness the sacred Puja on the banks of the Bagmati River.

11th day

This is our last day in Nepal. It can be devoted to rest, attend any favorite places if there is a desire to visit the old city center of Kathmandu - the central square, where the complex of Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva, Parvati, Kumari, Vishnu and other deities of the Hindu pantheon. In the evening is a festive final dinner. Transfer to the airport.

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