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Incentive tour – Through the endless expanses of plateau Ukok

Corporate quad bike tour across Altai

1st day

Meeting the group at the airport or train station in Barnaul. Travel along the main highway of the Altai Mountains - Chuisky route. The route goes through prolonged Seminsky pass and steep Chike-Taman pass, which are recognized as natural monuments of national importance. Overnight in tents on the banks of the river near the Feeling Kosh-Agach village.


2nd day

The morning begins with instruction on safety, distribution of products and equipment. Beginning of the active part of the journey on quad bikes. The group leaves the Kosh-Agach and starts moving on a dirt road to the Dzhazator village. While driving, we pass a number of beautiful lakes Tarhatinskoe, Zerlyukol-Nur, Karakul, Tunguryuk. Overnight at the Heat Spring. In the evening worth to do a walk, which allow to admire wonderful view of the mountain Saylyugem range in the rays of the setting sun. In a few tens of kilometers, among of mountain ranges lies the Tsagaan-Daba pass, where you can get to Mongolia.


3rd day

In the morning there is the opportunity to take a bath in the spring water which contains high amounts of radon and very warm - from +12 to +20 degrees. Continuing the way. On the pass is opened beautiful panorama: a hilly plateau Ukok covered with hundreds of lakes, with turquoise water, mountain Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, range Saylyugem and Southern Altai. Moving along the mountain Tabyn-Bogda-Ola, which means "Five Sacred Peaks". Name of these mountains, according to legend, gave Genghis Khan. One of peaks - the Nairamdal Mountain (4374 m) is the second highest in Siberia, after the Beluga. Many believe that at the foot of Tabyn-Bogda-Ola is the entrance to the legendary Shambhala. Overnight on the Gusinoe lake.


4th day

Moving through the plateau. On the way viewing the archaeological monuments of different eras, represented by the mounds, stelas, balbals. Viewing the burial "Altai Princess" - is a unique and sensational discoveries of Pazyryk culture. The path runs by the frontier to beautiful White lake. With experience team members can be made a "forced march" in the valley of Kara-Chad, to feel the breath and the power of the mountains and make memorable photos. In the gorge rises Nairamdal mountain (4374 m), on the right side of the gorge - the snow-capped peaks of the South Altai Mountain (4000 m).


5th day

Return back on the same road. An exciting safari with overcoming the descents and ascents, numerous fords and various obstacles. The route goes by the frontier to Kaldzhin-Kul Lake. Blue surface of the lake is fascinating. In summer the green herb grass surrounds the lake, which reflects the snow-white mountains, blue sky and clouds. Seagulls fly over the water and echoed velvet scoters.


6th day

Walking out to the nearby Kaldzhin-Kul-Bas Lake, or on a sightseeing height 2624 m, from which is clearly visible mountainous country - Southern Altai mountain range, as well as the source of the Ak-Alakha river. Rest at the lake. There is excellent fishing for grayling on the river, which flows into the lake. In a hot day you can swim.


7th day

The tour continues through the plateau Ukok and goes out to the river Kalguty. In the Kiziltash tract viewing the Berteksk petroglyphs, ancient drawings age of 4700 years. To see a plateau with a bird's eye it is necessary to overcome a steep and difficult climb to the observation altitude (2600 m), which offers an amazing panorama with rare natural contrasts: covered mystery plateau Ukok and snow sparkling in the sun peaks of Tabyn-Bogda-Ola, colored rivers and peaks of the Southern Altai. The descent to the confluence of Ak-Alakha and Akkol. Overnight on the banks of the Akkola river.


8th day

Morning drive through the Akkola river valley to the Bogomuyus pass (2843 m). On the way there the friendly Kazakhs with flocks of sheep, herds of goats and yaks. The ascent is not hard, but protracted. On the pass opened panorama of the South Chu ridge, Shenel array and may be visible majestic three-headed Belukha - crown of Katun ridge and the whole Altai. The descent from the pass along the picturesque banks of the Ildegem River, carpeted flowering grasses, to the river Dzhazator. Along the river descent to the Dzhazator village.


9th day

Car transfer to the Barangol village. On the way viewing the historical and natural sights. Russian sauna. Farewell dinner. Departure to Barnaul (850 km).

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