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Incentive tour - Climbing Kilimanjaro and safari in national parks

Corporate extreme tour to Tanzania

1st day

Departure from Kiev.


2nd day

Arrival it the international airport of Nairobi. Upon arrival independent change in the same airport for a domestic flight to Kilimanjaro. Arrival in Tanzania, meeting in the Kilimanjaro airport and transfer to hotel. Rest in hotel, the opportunity to walk around the city and admire the Kilimanjaro Mountain.


3rd day

Moving to the Kilimanjaro National Park. Start climbing. The ascent lasts 5 days including descent (1 day). This route is the oldest and the most popular, it is called "Coca-Cola Roth" for a pleasant and easy access for the vast majority of tourists. The route passes through incredibly beautiful landscapes with great views of Mawenzi peaks and a good opportunity to view the animals. All placements are made in specially constructed huts, in which there is bottled water and refreshments: Mandara hut (2700 m), Horombo hut (3700 m) and Kibo hut (4700 m). These camps are located in convenient, sheltered from the wind places, and consist of 2 dozen gable houses, each of which accommodates for 4 people. The largest hut - is a dining room. All camps have fixed toilets and washing facilities, as well as post with rangers and radio communication.

Transfer to the entrance of park - Marangu Gate, ascent to a height of 400 m. After check-in - is headway to the top. The path leads to Mandara hut at an altitude of 2700 m. Dinner and overnight at the camp.


4th day

Breakfast. Continue ascent. After crossing several ridges and ravines - arrival at Horombo hut (height 3720 m above sea level). Dinner. Overnight.


5th day

Breakfast. Hike. The route goes straight to the ridge towards Mawenzi. Along the edges of the path you can see the evergreen flowers, heather and among birds - Alpine Chat and White-necked Raven. The main route goes through two red hills. Arriving in a Kibo hut, located at an altitude of 4750 m. Dinner. Overnight.


6th day

Breakfast. The final ascent to the peak. The route runs along the main Kibo cone. About halfway to the peak is located the cave of Hans Meyer (altitude 5151 m above sea level), which gives protection against wind and cold. Temperature is below 0. Depending on the weather and the season, you can see just above head almost full moon. Gilman's Point, located at an altitude of 5680 m above sea level, is a sheer cliff on the east side and steep cliffs on the other three sides. The path leading to the Uhuru peak, along the edge of the top. From the Gilman's Point is clearly visible eastern ice fields and Rebmann Glacier. The ascent on a point Uhuru, height 5895 m.

The descent to Kibo hut, a light lunch, rest. Then descent through the Hormon hut. Throughout this rout the clouds are below the level of the descent, which provides an extraordinary panorama of the mountain range and distinguishes descent from the climb. Horombo Hut. Dinner. Overnight.


7th day

Breakfast. Beginning of the descent, the clouds are still below 3000 m. You will get in the top layer of clouds, and from that moment the weather turns gray and raw. Arrival at the Mandara hut at about noon. Lunch and continue the descent through the belt of forest. Arrive at Marangu. Here you leave your signature in the book of registrations of the Park staff and receive a certificate confirming climbing to a certain height, and then transfer to the hotel. Rest and free time. Overnight.


8th day

Safari in Tarangire National Park. Tarangire Park located 120 km from Arusha, on the eastern shore of Manyara Lake and covers an area of ​​2600 sq. km. The park is famous for an abundance of animals - elephants, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys, lions, leopards and a huge variety of birds.


9th day

Safari in Ngorongoro National Park. Ngorongoro park - it is a huge caldera, which is located at an altitude of 2286 meters. At the bottom of the crater area of ​​260 sq. km is home to about 30000 species of animals: elephants, lions, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, monkeys, antelope, baboons and over 200 species of birds, including ostriches. At the bottom of the crater is Magadi Lake, the famous for colony of red and small flamingos.


10th day

Safari in Manyara National Park, founded in 1960. It is located in the Great Rift Valley in northern Tanzania and covers 325 sq. km, 229 of which - lakes. In the park is the only tropical forest in Tanzania, where live bands of baboons and blue monkeys, as well as buffalo, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, hippos, zebras. The most famous sight in the park - lions, climbs on the acacia trees. Manyara - is a paradise for waterfowl and migrant birds: pink flamingos, pelicans, storks, ibises, cormorants, cranes, etc.


11th day

Transfer to airport, departure to Kiev.


12th day

Arrival in Kiev.

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